Since it's June, and in our house, the grillmeister would say it's "Father's Day month", I decided to dedicate the front page to HIM.....he who grills and grills and grills!  He just HAD to try grilled octopus.  I have to admit, I was skeptical but in reality, this was quite delicious!  He marinated the whole cleaned octopus in his spicy shrimp marinade, then grilled it on his grill pan on the gas grill.

Grill method: 

Preheat grill to high.  Sear the octopus in the grill pan for two minutes each side.  Reduce heat to medium-low and grill about ten minutes longer per side.  Remove and cut tentacles, body and head into pieces.  Serve warm.


Next, it was airline chicken breasts grilled under a brick!  Airline chicken is exactly what it sounds like - back in the day when they served chicken on an airplane, it was the breast with the leg attached.  It's actually a very tasty cut of chicken to grill, because having bone-in and skin on keeps the chicken nice and moist.   I marinate the chicken breasts for a day or so before he grills them.

Grill method:

Wrap bricks in aluminum foil.  Preheat grill to high.  Place chicken breast, skin side down on grill and top with a brick.  Let cook for approximately 8 minutes, then remove brick and turn chicken over to grill for an additional 8 minutes or until juices run clear.


And last but not least, the king needed a big ribeye steak on Father's Day.  Now this was for dinner.....we already had the lobster rolls for lunch!  We gave the grillmeister the "big green egg" grill last year for his birthday and he loves it.  He got that thing smoking up to about 700 degrees and seared the steaks.  We don't eat a lot of steak around out place, but we all thought this was pretty good!

Grill method:

If you have a charcoal grill, get it as hot as you can before putting steaks on.  For gas grillers, preheat grill to high.  Try to get it as hot as you can for searing.  Season steaks liberally with your choice of seasonings and grill to your desired level of doneness, in our case - medium rare!



From Tom the Grill Meister:  Hey Lisa how’s it goatin (ha ha ha ) A grill prep secret I learned from a graduate of cooking school and former Chef at Stouffers-before placing meat/fish on the grill, rub a chunk of fat on the hot grill to clean it and lubricate it. You can buy chunks of beef fat like suet from the butcher. This is better than spraying oil on the hot grill  because it will blow up in your face!
Philbert wrote: I love this approach, so many sauces, so many things to stick with your skewers: Shrimp, chicken, veggies, calimari, (leave the skin on and brush with oil and salt with irish grey sea salt - nasty delicious) cubed red snapper et voila, son incroyable

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